Do I need to be a Christian to join?

Mainstream Christians in Canoeing is open to all but as the name says, it’s a Christian Canoe Club, so don’t be surprised when we pray, spend time in worship or chat about God in our lives. We welcome those who are in sympathy with the aims and Christian ethos of the club.

How do I join Mainstream?

Click on ‘Contact‘.

What are the current membership subscriptions?

Contact the Membership Secretary by e-mail membership@christiancanoe.co.uk. Currently membership per annum costs £15 for a single person and £25 for families.

Can I apply for membership on-line?

At present on-line applications for membership are not possible. Contact the Membership Secretary by e-mail: membership@christiancanoe.co.uk

How many people come on events?

Anything between 6 to 60. We sometimes need minimum numbers to run an event so if you are interested in an event get in touch.

Can I hire a boat from the club?

Members of Mainstream generally have their own canoe or kayak.  You can contact the event organiser and see if any spare boats may be available for that event.

Are children welcome on events?

Children under 18 are welcome but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

Does Mainstream provide any insurance cover?

Public liability insurance cover is provided through membership of British Canoeing.  If you are not a member of British Canoeing or a member of Mainstream you can come as a guest to one event, after that you will need to join Mainstream.

When was Mainstream Founded?

In 1983, a group of Christian canoe and kayak coaches from several different parts of the country, who were keen to serve their communities and wanted to help each other do it better, started holding a series of informal gatherings when they met at paddling venues around the country.  This resulted in Mainstream being formed in 1986.

In the early days a big part of Mainstream was to encourage members to gain coaching qualifications.  With recent changes and developments, the emphasis of the club is now more focused on providing opportunities to meet fellow paddlers.